Lazy TesterSo lazy to manual test.. rather automate it... | by Leonardo Galani

Automation Beyond the code - Test Automation Case

As QA/Tester, when we hear the word automation and our minds looks for our inner cache with stuff about selenium, appium, CI, etc... This is normal as it's part of our daily lives, but it's always good to remember that there is something beyond and thinking outside the box… Read more

You should test the functionality, not the text

There are 2 problems/mistakes that everybody face when they start automating their functional tests over the interface. The first one is that they want to test everything and of course they fail miserable and tend to give up on automation. The brave ones that learn from their mistake and… Read more

Mixing your Cucumber tests with API Helpers

The bad thing about test automation is that the testers doesn't see it like a development, so they rather use development techniques or mix stuff up. They learn how to use Cucumber and stay strictly with capybara or rspec (ruby world) or they do their API tests alone OR with… Read more

Lazy Tips for your capybara/cucumber Tests

I was struggling upon making a 4dummys post about capybara or a more advanced stuff.. Turns out more advanced posts means I need to write AND care less cause I know (or I assume) you guys have good skills. I see a lot of people don't take automation test seriously… Read more

puts "hello word"

Hi there world. My name is Leonardo and im lazy brazilian tester. The thing i started this blog is to share my thoughts about software test and test automation test on a language that the whole world could read. I could go futher on but.. nha.. no point on chitchat… Read more